I had all these windows open that I intended to read and study. Here is a snip from each one.

  • Git for Computer Scientists In simplified form, git object storage is “just” a Directed Acyclic Graph of objects … So, armed with that knowledge on how git stores the version history, how do we visualize things like merges?
  • Vim Find and replace examples Example 11. Alter sequence number in a numbered list while inserting a new item. This can be achieved by the following vim substitution command. :4,$s/\d\+/\=submatch(0) + 1/
  • Readline shortcuts Transpose
     keys    Action          Scope                   Direction/Place
     Ctrl-t  Transpose/drag  char. before the cursor ↷ over the character at the cursor
     Alt-t   Transpose/drag  word before the cursor  ↷ over the word at/after the cursor
  • iTerm2 keybindings Readline also supports jumping between words, that is re-positioning the cursor before or after the current/next word. The default binding for this is ESC-f for forward jumping and ESC-b for backward jumping.
  • VimGolf Real Vim ninjas count every keystroke - do you? (Danger! Quicksand.)