Born in 1969 I am a member of the so called “Generation X”.

I recall at one point that Madison Ave. had given up on trying to reach Generation X.

But it didn’t really give up - it adapted. Sort of.

But I (and my generation) adapted too. Sort of.

And I buy things I think I need from companies wth whom [1] I might have ethical, moral or other reasons not to do business.

I know these companies lie to me and to others about the quality and efficacy of their product,

about how waste byproducts of the production and distribution of these goods affects our country, our world, and us as a species.

The government committes tasked to regulate these companies and the safety of those goods are also known to lie to the public.

“Dubitat emptor” - skeptical buyer

Generation X knew the tricks that advertisers used to influence purchasing decisions.

We know all know why the milk and eggs are in the back of the grocery store.

Despite how corporations treat us we continue to relate to them. And knowing all that we know about Exxon, and BP, and Verizon, and McDonalds, Frito Lay or almost any company… About the conditions and treatment of the workers who make our clothing.

We know and yet we buy.

Because at the end of the day we need stuff.

And we can only pick from what’s in the store[2].

Because that’s how this system works.

[1] using a personal pronoun with companies to indicate them being treated as if the are people.

[2] lately more options to have things made for us or to make them for ourselves are available!